Our Business is Training Great Business Leaders: Keeping Them Strong, Fit, and Energised

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What makes truth special?

Comprehensive Support

We go further than any other service when it comes to getting you results: DNA testing, bloodwork and nutritional analysis. A tried and tested system based on scientific analysis.


Our unique approach to coaching has helped hundreds of executives transform their physiques. We produce results that are so good your own friends won't recognise you!


At TRUTH we have a team of experts all working behind the scenes and and working with you directly to deliver variety, knowledge and results.

Trusted Fitness Providers For:

path to success


Cutting To The Chase:

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Comprehensive MOT

Your first session involves a comprehensive look at your current health and fitness, allowing us to plan out your path to success.


Team Coaching

At TRUTH, you don't just work with one coach. You get to experience training with a team, all working together to deliver you unrivalled results.


Continuing Success

At TRUTH, our passion is to help you fall in love with your body, then to continue to challenge and surprise you with how strong, fit and powerful you truly are.

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Truth success Stories

Declan cushley

partner, browne jacobson

Richard Watts

chief investment officer, bmo global asset manager

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What Makes Truth Gym Better than the Rest?

We get you.

After building a highly successful career for yourself - your business tenacity and self-belief has paid off. Those long hours, late nights, early mornings, and skipped lunches were
worth it as was juggling family life, social life, and all the stresses that accompany

We know all about the days that roll into each other, lost evenings with family, cancelled holidays in order to get a deal over the table, no time for yourself, food on the run and chronically stressed to a point you don't even recognise it anymore.

How can you possibly be expected to stay in shape as well?

That's where we come in. At TRUTH, we have trained hundreds of successful yet overworked executives. We know how to fit exercise around YOUR schedule. We understand the difficulties that can arise when you spend half your time outside the country on business trips. We have used this experience to create a training system that works for you.

Our programmes offer:

  • High quality personal training that is specific to your needs, allowing you to train efficiently and get results fast.
  • Incredible behind the scenes work. We check your blood, DNA, and nutrition to create a program that works for you.
  • Flexibility. Away at a conference all week? You'll find a detailed diet and training plan waiting in your inbox, and amazing support should you require it.

We know time is precious and understand how hard it is to pull yourself away from business and family, as well as how challenging scheduling healthy eating can be with international travel, late nights in the office, banquets and charity balls throughout the year. 

Don't like going to the gym?

No problem! We'll help you kit out your garage, pool house or spare room with one.

Don't like being told not to drink?

Neither do we. A few of the right supplements and an easy to follow drinking routine means you'll get results.

Don't like cooking or shopping?

No problem! We'll create meal plans you love to eat, delivered to your house, office or hotel room.

We're not gurus, we're not bodybuilders or athletes. We're normal men and women who care, and that's all you need. Someone to show you the ropes, be there for you when you need it, and someone to solve problems before they come up.

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