June 18

5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated


Plan and prepare

Plan what you will do in each training session and write in your diary a time you will do it. Then prepare the night before all your gym / workout kit.

Preparing will enable you to minimise the time between thinking about going to the gym and actually going. The less you have to think about before you go, the easier it is to just do it.


Have a goal

Goals are amazing, I cannot stress that enough. Find a race or a challenge with friends, a time you want to run a distance in, or a weight you want to lift. This will help you focus when you start to struggle.


Think about why you started

I think this can be hard to answer if you haven’t already thought about it. Do you want to challenge yourself, change yourself or inspire others?

The key here is ‘you’. The reason you are doing what you’re doing has to come back to you – Your health, your ambitions, your journey. It may sound selfish but at the end of the day you are the only person who can make a difference to your own life; other people can help but ultimately it is your life not theirs.


Take mental breaks

Training is physical but there are mental challenges too which many often overlook. Be sure to take mental breaks as well as physical rest. Take time to do things outside of your goals and if you are struggling with motivation, take some time off and come back to the later. Taking a break doesn’t mean you’ve quit, it means you’re strong enough to know when you need a rest and can then come back stronger.


Realise you won’t always be motivated

Everyone has days when they just aren’t motivated and they just don’t feel like training. However this is the point at which you have to learn to be disciplined. Mentally switch on your autopilot and do it anyway. If you have strong enough reasons for starting what you’re doing and you have a solid goal, finding autopilot shouldn’t be too hard.


Final note: Motivation comes easiest to those who truly enjoy what they do and continuously not enjoying what you’re doing is not lack of motivation. Please don’t confuse the two. Enjoy the challenge and good luck with your goals.


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