Assuming the answer to this is no. I mean, why would you, it’s all the things that you enjoy. Nobody wants to give up the things that they love, that’s natural.

Giving up something to replace it with something else can be even tougher, especially when that thing is something as awful as exercise!!

We see this a lot. People who live a life that is full of indulgence, rich meals, alcohol, the theatre, the opera, watching sports from the VIP areas (more alcohol.) From the outside looking in, it sounds amazing, but is it really? Is it good to treat your body this way all the time?

How would it feel to wake up most mornings with a stinking headache, for your joints to ache and feel inflamed, your gut all bloated and a dry raw cough. Not sounding so appealing now is it.

It’s important to state that removing all of these things at once is very hard, especially when you have been living this lifestyle for so long. Question is, how long can you keep it up before your body lets you know it’s really had enough?

We promote small manageable changes.

As an example, starting to move your body twice a week and removing alcohol twice a week is going to have a huge positive benefit. Once you feel the benefits, you will start to want more and that’s where the magic happens.

In our experience most people are put off by ‘getting healthy’ because it will involve a PT telling them to totally change their lifestyle. Most of the time this isn’t enough, especially when that PT doesn’t have much in their tool box other than demanding you to stop.

It’s a bit like you telling that same PT to never go to the gym again and stop eating chicken breasts…. not going to happen!