TRUTH have set a new personal best record this week. We have spoken to three individuals that are using cheap and nasty personal trainers. Their results, their bodies and their motivation is all suffering. Here are some of the harsh realities of being a Personal Trainer.

We are not being disrespectful to the PTs by calling them cheap and nasty, in fact they probably don’t even know that they are cheap and nasty.

Reality of being a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is a strange place and I wanted to lift the lid a little bit for you. So you can understand just how easy it is to become a PT and how easy it is to operate as a PT, without anyone questioning or demanding higher standards from you.

What does being a Personal Trainer mean?

Let’s quickly clarify what a personal trainer is, the dictionary tells us:

“Someone whose job it is to help you become stronger and healthier by deciding which exercises you should do and showing you how to do them”

Blimey, I wasn’t expecting that, it sounds very dry doesn’t it. No mention of motivating, no mention of support, accountability, nutrition, lifestyle coaching nothing. For me what they are describing there is nothing more than a reps counter, there is no wonder that the bar has been set so low, when the English dictionary describes it as someone who shows you what exercises to do.

How to get into Personal Training

Q: Ok, so I have done some research and now I want to become a personal trainer, how much is it going to cost me? How long does it take for me to be fully qualified and do I need any prior experience?

A: Believe it or not, you can become fully qualified as a personal trainer in two weeks, you can do an online qualification for as little as £500 and you do not need to have been in a gym, lifted a weight, turned on a treadmill or even spoken to another human before.

YES… you read that correctly. All you need is £500 a laptop and before you know it that individual will be in your local gym advising you on exercise, adding heavy loads to your back, without any assessment (they wouldn’t know how to do one) and pushing YOUR body (not theirs) to the limit of its capabilities. Congratulations you are the human Guinea pig.

Reality of staying a Personal Trainer

Q: Now I have passed an online personal training course, I have a few clients, I haven’t dropped a heavy bar on a clients chest yet and I have been working for 6 months. Do I have be re-examined, is there a set of standards I have to achieve regularly, am I regulated by a governing body?

A: NO, no and no.

YES… You read that correctly too.

Truth about Personal Trainer monitoring

So, not only do I have no experience, hardly any knowledge and I am playing with peoples bodies and minds every day, but I will also, never, ever be questioned or told to improve. I can operate in my gym space, building up a client base and no one will know I am a cowboy.


  • I hurt somebody
  • Lower back spasms
  • Knee pain
  • Hip, groin and glute tears
  • Neck pain

…and worst of all wasting peoples time and hard earned cash, safe in the knowledge that you were never going to be caught out (we see this much more frequently than you think). Well, not until your clients call TRUTH to get them fixed up.

What’s the reality of being a Personal Trainer?

Sorry for the rant today guys, it is an industry that we love and hate, we don’t like seeing people get hurt and we don’t like seeing people get taken advantage of. We have worked our socks off to offer our clients the very best of everything and it upsets us when we see people being taken advantage of by cowboys.

Why is TRUTH different to other personal trainers?

That’s why we created the TRUTH standards, all our coaches must pass our assessment before they are able to provide any service to our clients. That’s how we know all of our TRUTH coaches have the knowledge and experience to offer the best level of care and attention.

Our special offer to you…

In fact I personally feel so strongly about this that if any of you find yourself in this kind of situation and need a sounding board to discuss what’s going on and how you can get out of it I am opening my diary up to you. I will give you a bespoke blueprint to begin your fitness journey properly and build into the new year getting the results that you have always longed for.

There’s a button below with my diary attached, I will be very happy to help you out…