February 10

Benefits of Indoor Cycling


The indoor bike is a humbling piece of gym equipment – it can make your legs and lungs burn but can also provide an effective way to help your muscles recover.
Here are several benefits of indoor cycling:
Low impact
Cycling is a low impact sport which means that it puts less stress on your joints and ligaments. This is especially useful if you struggle from any sort of knee or hip injuries and it means you can push yourself without worrying that you might be overloading your joints.
Burn fat
Like any type of cardio, riding a bike burns calories and on average 1hr of riding can burn between 420 and 650 calories (depending on your weight and the intensity of the session). However, cycling for this duration is also less fatiguing on your body then other sorts of cardio such as running.
Build Muscle
A lot of people only think of burning fat when they think of cardio machines. However, if used in the right way, cycling can build awesome leg muscles and increase your power. Doing 6 short bursts of efforts (up to 10seconds) within a one-hour steady ride is one way to work on strength. You’ll feel it the next day.
Resistance range
The resistance can be changed via levers on indoor bikes, which means you can change the intensity of your session very easily. This means that as well as pushing yourself, cycling is great for helping your legs recover from a hard workout as spinning them out means you can increase blood flow to your legs without fatiguing.
So next time you are in the gym, try out the indoor bike and experience the benefits yourself.
Article written by Haddi Conant – Truth’s in house cycling expert


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