We are often asked, “What should I do to get the maximum results with the least amount of input?” or put simply, how to get the best fitness results with the least effort.

I think this perhaps is not the most effective way to phrase the question. If anything, when someone asks this, it makes me questions where their effort levels would be. You haven’t started your programme yet, and already the main concern is… how can I do as little as possible!

BEST fitness results with the LEAST effort

It’s similar to building a business. It takes days, weeks, months and year of focused effort. Highs, lows and everything in between. It wasn’t an overnight success.

The same applies to your body. If you are in bad shape, then you are effectively a new business, a startup. You are at the beginning of your journey, and it is going to take a lot of focus and energy to get you to where you need to be. If you aren’t in bad shape, it might be more about tweaking, testing, and creating a shorter-term programme with more complex goals.

Maximising your efforts in fitness

With this in mind. For us, it isn’t about what results can you get with the least amount of effort, but more about getting the most “bang for your buck” (Craig’s favourite line) with the time and energy that you have. Maximising the results you get, from the effort you put in to your exercise and fitness regime.

Top Tips for getting the best fitness results

If we could choose only one exercise, one nutritional tip and one results accelerating tip, what would they be?

1) Our favourite exercise – It would have to be the deadlift.

I love this exercise. Big compound movement, using the large muscles of the body. Glutes, back and pretty much everything in between. It burns a lot of calories, builds a strong, healthy posture and great for balancing hormones.

2) Our top nutrition tip – High protein, low carb.

Simple and very effective. 99% of the clients we work with under eat on healthy proteins (steak, chicken, fish) and overeat on carbs (pasta, potatoes and rice.)

3) Results accelerator tip – Drink water, LOTS OF WATER.

Hydrating your body is the quickest way to flush toxins and remove excess water that you are holding around your belly and hips.

Motivation, Motivation Motivation!

Watch Tony’s video all about motivation, to keep you going at those times when you really don’t want to put in the extra effort… the honest TRUTH about Motivation.

More ways to get the most from exercise

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