So, detox products and the Bone Broth Detox! You may or not have noticed that your tv and social media feeds are full of weight loss products, new weight loss programmes, vitamins and exercise machines (ours is). Here is our rundown of one of the most popular.

Bone Broth Detox Product Review

Today we are getting into one of our favourite detox products, BONE BROTH. We are in no way affiliated to this product and don’t earn a sausage out of them…

Their website says:

“Nourish your body with Bone Broth. Heal gut problems, strengthen your hair and nails and slow the effects of ageing. Every bottle we make of beef bone broth is from 100% grass-fed cows. We only use hormone-free Australian and New Zealand beef. We slow-cook every batch over a 48-hour period, so you get as much nutrition and natural flavour as possible. You can enjoy a steaming hot mug of our healthy bone broth within minutes on the go.”

Is the Bone Broth Detox Product any good?

Before we get started with our Bone Broth Detox Product Review, it is probably best to clarify that this product is definitely not suited to vegetarians or vegans.

I want to make you aware that a thick white GREASE will greet you. That’s the only way I can describe it. It very much reminds me of being a kid, in my dad’s garage in Hackney and seeing him dip his massive fingers into a pot of grease and rub into something squeaky (remove your mind from the gutter).

Not the best start. But its a concentrate, so I guess it was to be expected. Taking a spoonful, you can create a broth to drink or add it to soups etc. For me, it is something I use on a fasting day. After Christmas most days I will skip breakfast and lunch, having only a bone broth.

Bone Broth Tasting Notes

It is very salty. I have tried powdered forms before (you may remember the Planet organic email), so it needs to be a big cup of water with one tablespoon, or you will have dry mouth. It’s fairly pleasant for a bone broth; they have a spiced version that is more like a soup.

Bone Broth Detox Results

I felt bloated, inflamed and fat post-Christmas, but for me, the bone broth fasts work a treat. The ingredients are packed with collagen, protein and healthy fats. Bone broths are clean, and this product is free of all additives, so will reduce inflammation in the gut caused by too much gluten, grains and alcohol. After a couple of days of skipping breakfast and lunch (with a clean dinner), I can reduce bloating and drop a few pounds.

Clear skin? I’m not sure just yet, but with the collagen content and prolonged usage I would assume that I would have clearer skin. Blimey I’m going to be good looking!

Detox Product Review Conclusion

I would recommend this product for anyone looking to reduce bloating, drop some excess water, and give their stomach a rest after a heavy eating and drinking period.

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