A short sorry to start this beautiful Wednesday (01/07/2020) off

Many years ago I really wanted to become a professional rugby player, like really wanted to.

I would read a lot on how to become faster, stronger and enjoyed learning from players that were much better than me. It was the buzz of the competition, both with myself, with my teammates and with other clubs. The sense of purpose, getting up every day and training toward a common goal was amazing. I’m sure you have all experienced that same feeling?

Unfortunately that never happened. A blend of constant shoulder dislocations, and possibly not being quite good enough (ego dent) culminated in me stopping to focus on earning money and actually being able to afford things.

Fast forward to where I am today. And other than building a business I have never been able to replicate that buzz, that self-competitiveness that sport brought to me. Over the years it has left me frustrated, as I’ve never really been that into getting a six pack and posting it all over social media, that never excited me.

The only training that I’ve found that I enjoy, that gives me the buzz and sensation of competition has been running. Since the lock down began, like everyone I have been without a gym (even though I own a ‘gym’ company.) So, I have been getting back into running and really enjoying it.

Unfortunately, some old calf injuries started to flare up which left me unable to run more than a mile or so without very bad pain in my lower legs.

I tried foam rolling, stretching, loading patters, ice, ibuprofen, nothing touched it and the same issue reoccurred. This led me to feel even more frustrated, the one thing that helped me to keep me in a shape I was happy with, gave me a feeling of achievement and competition had gone.

That’s until I had a MAT (muscle activation therapy) assessment from my business partner Tony McCarthy. After asking a few short questions and looking at my movement (over zoom!!) he spotted a couple of issues and suggested some key MAT exercises to do before I ran.

The next run was 3.5 miles pain free! I was over the moon. Here’s me today, running through the Billericay countryside, scared of some massive cows ( I’m a city boy at heart.)

If you experience calf pain, check the YouTube video below, which will show you exactly how I fixed my calf pain issues fast!

Link for video in comments below