June 14

Can You Stand The HEAT!?


The temperature is rising and with the heat comes the increased difficulty of working out. However the sun and warm weather does not have to stop your exercise routine and these tips will help you to enjoy the sunny days and your workout.


Be an early bird

Getting up before the sun is in full blaze is a sure way to do your workout in cooler weather. It will make your training session outside that little bit easier especially if it is a long session as will mean that heat exhaustion and dehydration can be avoided.


Drink water

It goes without saying that in the hot weather our bodies need more water and with the addition of exercise, ensuring you are hydrated before and during your session is of extra importance. Regardless of whether your training is in the gym or outside, strength or aerobic based, drinking water is essential for an effective workout in the heat.


Try a new gym routine

If the heat and the sun become too much then an alternative is to avoid it all together. Why not try a new group class or gym routine? You will stay cool inside and might find an activity that you love.


Struggling with cramps?

The hot weather can increase the chance of unwanted muscle cramps during training. This is often due to an electrolyte imbalance in the blood as a result of increase sweating. To fix this ensure you drink enough water in the day. If you sweat for a long period or sweat an excessive amount then electrolyte tablets can be added to your water to ensure your body gets the electrolytes it needs.


Haddi Conant

Lead Cycling Coach



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