Client Feedback

Hear from some of the many satisfied customers that have been through the TRUTH training system.

Julian Enoizi, CEO

Julian Enoizi, CEO, Pool RE

"After seeing how smooth and easy the swap from face to face to virtual sessions were for myself, I wanted to introduce the concept to my team. TRUTH are exceptional and I’ve found that they’ve innovated training so now something that felt like a chore is now fun and engaging. And when I want a little extra help with results, they’re there to give me the best advice for my nutrition, lifestyle and rest."

Declan Cushley, Browne Jacobson

Declan Cushley, Browne Jacobson

"I’ve been using TRUTH for over a year for both my personal 1-1 training and my local team training. The transition from 1-1 to virtual opened up the ability to give my staff a consolidated fitness solution. We love the personalisation of each session. They’re fun, varied and engaging and most importantly professional and reliable. My team are more productive, and I get to join in on the sessions allowing my executive team to connect with all the offices in a safe and fun way"

Client Feedback

Tamara Gillan, CEO, Cherry

"The TRUTH virtual corporate programme is phenomenal ... my team is fitter, happier and more productive, helping them to find balance between work and personal time. As a result my people are showing up to work with increased energy and positivity. Team morale has never been better."

Richard Watts, CIO

Richard Watts, CIO, Bank of Montreal

"I have been a long-term client of TRUTH and I couldn’t be more impressed by them. The service is perfect for me and my bespoke programme is tailored to my busy schedule and specific needs. Working with TRUTH has kept me in great shape and allowed me to continue working hard building my business whilst maintaining my health, energy and fitness."

Client Feedback

Craig Tyrell, Head of A&H, Convex Insurance

"The TRUTH team has helped me tremendously this year. The benefits of their one-to-one personal training sessions have helped me physically but have also improved my well-being. Whilst the sessions are challenging, they set me up positively for each day. I have certainly seen marked improvements in my health and mental well-being and thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of a structured training regime."

Client Feedback

David Wheldon, EX-CMO, RBS

"I am 22lbs lighter and feeling great. They helped me manage my fitness through a very stressful year and keep my mind clear and focused. Can’t recommend them highly enough, you’ll get out of it what you put into it! Like life itself, ain’t that the TRUTH."

Client Feedback

Henry Smith, CEO, Aitch Group

"I have noticed a significant increase in my staff’s energy, communication has improved, most evidently in departments sharing ideas during the day. There has also been a marked improvement in our office morale and energy has increased during the day. The team loves the sessions and the feedback is great."

TRUTH Transformations

The best feedback we get from clients is simply, results.

Take a look at some of the body transformations we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of our case studies and more details about our clients’ journeys.

Case Study: Angus RRS

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Let’s have a conversation to look at your current health status, establish your fitness goals and discuss how the team can help you to transform your body and get lasting results.

Let’s have a conversation to look at your current health status, establish your fitness goals and discuss how the team can help you to transform your body and get lasting results.