Sitting in the car, watching the rain stream down the windows, the thought of going inside filling me with dread…even fear!

I can’t overstate the brevity of the situation. It’s bad, terrible.

It’s Sunday 13th December 2020, just 12 days before Christmas and I’m parked up outside Lakeside shopping centre.

Yes, you read that correctly, I must be mad. What was I thinking!? I could be sitting at home now, having a cup of tea and watching the football ( I will definitely be back for the Spurs!) but here I am.

Luckily for me, my 2 boys have nodded off, so I get to sit here for an hour and let the misses crack on (hopefully she can do most of it before they wake up!)

The way I feel right now, it makes me think of when people arrive at their first MOT assessment session.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s part of what makes TRUTH different. I know many fitness companies say they are different, even unique, but we really are.

The way we do things, starting with our assessment process is unique. I can say that with total confidence because Tony and I created it from scratch.

Anyway, back to the anxiety and fear.

When people come in for an MOT, you can see for 99% of people it makes them feel vulnerable, anxious and even a little nervous.

The reason?

Well, you’re putting yourself in front of a personal trainer and asking them to tell you how unfit and unhealthy you are.

It’s not what you would call a nice thing to do. In fact, when they stand in the waiting room ready to come in, they could probably think of a hundred things they would rather do!

We completely understand, and that’s why every assessment is bespoke. Yep, we could have 4 people booked in a row, and each one would be doing a different assessment.

Mad right? How much extra effort, work and extra planning must that take!? A lot to be honest, but we do it because we understand that every ‘body’ is different

Having an assessment process that is identical each time is lazy, misleading and in my opinion, unfair on the client.

If you are out of shape, haven’t exercised for ten years and have back pain, how can I make you do the same assessment as Mo Farah!?

Makes sense, right?

With the dawning of a new age for health and fitness businesses, moving more towards virtual coaching, we have taken our face to face MOT and created a zoom version.

It’s much the same, except it can be done from the comfort of your front room, and involves filling in a short form (sent via Adobe sign so you can even do it on your phone) and a 1-hour zoom call with me, you’re friendly neighbourhood fitness business owner and fitness expert I may add.

Don’t worry if you think you want to leave this until 2021; we get it, we are slowly getting into a relaxed Christmas mood and potentially loosening the diet a little. But BE WARNED, leaving it until January, guarantees a scarier weight loss goal and much extra motivation to get it off.

Hit us up for more information

Chat soon

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team