December 3

Fancy a NAUGHTY treat tonight?


The Great British Bake Off

What a show.

The thrill of the soggy bottom,

The nail biting intensity of a melted tower cake,

It doesn’t get more exciting than that!

To be honest the most interesting part for me is how Noel Fielding is so slim (does he even try the cakes?) and Matt Lucas, well I am sure he is trying a fig roll or two…

Over the years we have experimented with naughty treats that give you the flavour of a full fat, full sugar, full calorie cake or dessert. To be honest, it doesn’t exist and if you go into this expecting it to, you will be emailing me back telling me I’m a liar.

We’re an honest bunch and didn’t want to disappoint (or feel the wrath of a sugar deprived business leader! )

But if you are happy to get the rolling pin out and try something that tastes half decent and isn’t going to supply more calories in a mouth full than a family sized Toblerone, read on.

We have tried and tested these and can testify – they taste nice….


Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team

Apple, almond & cinnamon crisp – 224 calories per portion (click image for recipe)

Fancy a NAUGHTY treat tonight?

Coconut honey crepes with whipped mascarpone + blood orange compote – Calories per portion 217.5 ( Click image for recipe)

Fancy a NAUGHTY treat tonight?

Lighter sticky toffee puddings – Calories per portion 339 ( Click image for recipe)

Fancy a NAUGHTY treat tonight?


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