Insurance provider Pool RE’s incredible stress transformation has left them feeling energised and rejuvenated. With team motivation, de-stress and fitness for insurance company from TRUTH.

In little over 4 weeks Pool RE’s team of executive insurance providers put a halt to the stress of COVID-19 lockdown and reversed the decline in their mental and physical health. Whilst still maintaining business and a strong team bond.

Why Do We Need Team Fitness for Insurance Company?

Before lockdown Pool RE were a thriving team based out of a city office. They weren’t necessarily fit or healthy and had plenty of stress, but being together seemed to make everything ok.

As the uncertainty of the future took hold, it was more important than ever that they found a way to keep the team unified and help alleviate some of the stress. Most important of all was showing their team that they understood the pressures and cared enough to implement a plan of action.

When lockdown hit, the whole team experienced massive levels of stress, producing multiple challenges, especially in communication and team morale. Internally the team were losing energy, sleeping badly, eating unhealthily and experiencing higher levels of perceived stress.

“Prior to starting to use TRUTH, the struggles that I personally had were that my energy levels were low. I was more stressed throughout the day and my quality of sleep was very low too.”

Pool RE Team Member
Team Fitness for Insurance Company's 2020 Workplace Wellness

How TRUTH Helped Insurance Providers to De-Stress

It seemed that the whole team had got to a place of frustration. They needed something to lighten the day and week. It was when CEO Julian Enoizi realised his personal coaching team at TRUTH were also delivering a bespoke virtual team fitness offering, he felt it could be an ideal opportunity.

“After seeing how smooth and easy the swap from face to face to virtual sessions were for myself, I wanted to introduce the concept to my team. TRUTH are exceptional, and I’ve found that they’ve innovated training so now something that felt like a chore is now fun and engaging. And when I want a little extra help with results, they’re there to give me the best advice for my nutrition, lifestyle and rest.”

Julian Enoizi – CEO of Pool RE

From that point, the executives and HR team got together at Pool RE to discuss a plan with TRUTH. Over the course of 2-3 weeks and a few consultations they hashed out the next steps. The bespoke nature allowed Pool RE to hand craft their own style of sessions and tone of interaction between the coaches and the team so everyone hit it off from the start.

Challenges Faced with Team Fitness at Companies

The biggest initial challenge was actually technological. It became very clear that for the coaches to be able to be attentive to each client with their current set up the sessions needed to be limited to 8-9 people, and for the best interaction they also needed to have at least an iPad. Once the niggles were worked out in the delivery everything was plain sailing.

Before they even embarked upon the programme, there was a definite sense of reticence:

“Before starting this programme, the fear that I had was that I’m not fit enough to start. That I wouldn’t be able to perform each exercise due to not being fit enough. I also had a fear of failure.”

Pool RE Team Member

The real change then came after the first session. Once the team had seen that the sessions, coaches and external systems were in place to suit their character, company ethos and individual ability levels they realised they had nothing to fear.

“Initially people hesitated before they joined. Mainly, they are not used to it and they didn’t know what to expect, and that they would not be able to complete the challenge, but they all did. They are very happy to be part of this great experience.”

Pool RE HR

Team Fitness and Motivation Results

The results speak for themselves… The biggest transformation that the management saw is that the team’s mood and energy picked up, embracing small changes to improve their day and seeing how a once stressed out team is now fired up for work.

“I believe that TRUTH’s sessions have had a profoundly positive impact on the wellbeing of the team. It helped us all with stress levels, especially during the current situation, improves memory and boosts our overall mood.”

Pool RE Team Member

“My experience with TRUTH from the start was that the team is very friendly and professional. The setup process was handled very well. They all wanted to make sure they took the time to know about us individually so they can provide the best fitness plan.”

Pool RE HR

We spoke to Ata, front of house coordinator who spent 4 weeks with her team at TRUTH doing their innovative Virtual Team Fitness programme, they are now feeling less stressed, more motivated and highly energised.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be part of this amazing experience. I feel fitter and healthier. My energy levels have increased and it is a great start to the day having gym sessions with them.”

Atanaska – Pool RE Front of House

Get Better Health & Fitness for Your Employees

Is your company looking to improve on workplace wellness? Your team could benefit from a programme like this De-Stress and Fitness for Insurance Company. We can turn your team’s stress, motivation and fitness around.

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