It can be very easy to have the opposite to a healthy lifestyle while on holiday; to just lounge on the beach and eat all the food, after all, for many, that’s what holidays are for.

However many of us also don’t want to hinder our progress or undo all the hard work we have done so far.

With that in mind here are some tricks to keep on track when on holiday:


Drink water:

This is a very simple trick and requires little effort. Simply try and drink more water in the day.

Not only will this stop dehydration when in sunny climates but will also help keep the bloating at bay that often comes when indulging on holiday. And, it will help you avoid overeating, tricking your mind into thinking you’re full.


Have at least one healthy meal a day:

It’s a holiday and make sure it is just that. However to help you not go overboard with all the food that’s on offer, try and have one healthy meal a day. This will increase your micronutrient intake helping you to stay fuller and supply the body with well needed vitamins. Adding at least one healthy meal per day will also help to keep you in a results mindset. We have all experienced the, “ I’m eating rubbish, so I may as well start the diet when I’m back” mentality.



If the place where you are staying has a pool, use it. Or if you’re near the sea, go for a dip. Swimming is great exercise and as you often go in the water to cool off, you may as well do a few lengths.



Another ‘easy to add exercise’ is walking. Either find a local walk to do or just walk around the town. Steps quickly add up without you realizing as you take in the sights.


Try to avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mentality:

Many people go on holiday with this mindset and end up ruining their previous efforts towards their goals.

You can have balance on holiday. Having one piece of fruit or veg a day, is better than none at all. As is walking 10minutes better than nothing. You get the idea. Appreciate the efforts you do make and try to avoid the dreaded fall into giving up all together.


Enjoy your holiday, have fun and try and keep some healthy habits going.


Haddi Conant

TRUTH Cycling and circuits expert