Free Weight Loss Plan: Lose 5LBs in 5 Days

Your FREE Weight Loss Programme Includes:

Daily weight chart

Keep a physical record of your progress, so you stay motivated as you lose weight and watch your results improve every day.

Video guidance

Motivational video guides by email, to keep you moving along your weight loss journey and help reach your goal.

Stress relief plan

Reduce stress and release tension. You will feel relieved, revived, energised and more motivated to succeed.

Core strength plan

Tighten the muscles around your belly and core with physical activity. Get a flatter, more toned stomach and torso.

Morning, afternoon & evening

Set routines so you don't have to worry about food choices and when to exercise. Free up your time to focus on business.

Tasty meal plans

Dishes that will reduce your belly bloat and improve your nutrition intake. So you feel lighter and more able to exercise.

Loosen your body

So that you can stretch your body and control your breathing. Meaning you will feel more supple and relaxed.

Proven sleep routine

To help you de-stress and switch off before bedtime. Helping you to feel relaxed and recovered in the morning.

Download your free weight loss plan and lose 5 pounds in 5 Days

Frequently asked questions

This free weight loss plan is suited to anybody who can safely lose 5lbs of unwanted body weight over a 5 day period, using our rapid weight loss exercise and diet plan.

This plan is not designed for anybody who is: already under their recommended body weight, has low blood sugar levels, have any underlying health conditions or are already in a calorie controlled diet.

The majority of people completing this free weight loss plan are able to lose 5 pounds in body fat over a week or less. This is of course related directly to how strictly you follow the programme and the effort you put in.

All of TRUTH’s weight loss and body transformation services and programmes are safe. We use proven techniques to get you the results you want.

Most of our clients that are counting calories, see results within just a few days. The results you see after the 5 day period will depend upon your physical fitness starting point.

If you have completed this 5lbs in 5 Days free weight loss programme and would like to continue getting even better results, to reach your long term goal weight. You should move on to our Health MOT Test to get some more intel on your body, fitness and progress.

Download your free weight loss plan