Health MOT: Get Data About Your Current Fitness Status

Personal Health MOT

TRUTH Health MOT test £299 (incl. VAT)

Why do you need a Health MOT? Sustained good health and wellbeing is the single most important factor for you to enjoy life on your own terms. Care of your health requires a thoughtful and considered approach, with the application of a tailored plan.

Nurturing your body in the right way for your lifestyle and any pre existing health conditions is the only way to succeed long term. Our detailed general health assessments will help you to find out:


What your actual health and fitness goals are


Why you need to improve your health and fitness


What your next steps are to achieve those goals

Your MOT will test 12 Key Health Areas

Unlike the NHS health check, health screening and health tests; our full body health MOT takes a deep dive into key aspects of your personal health and fitness. These 12 main health markers include:

1. Core Strength

2. Current Fitness

3. Your Mobility

4. Pain Levels

5. Current Weight

6. Heart Disease Risk

7. Your Lifestyle

8. Energy Levels

9. Nutrition Intake

10. Sleep Pattern

11. Stress Levels

12. Your Resources

Frequently asked questions

Our structured and detailed personal MOT assessment is for anybody who is ready to take their personal fitness seriously.

Providing actionable and detailed intel about your current physical state, to help direct your fitness strategy.

Having a detailed analysis of your current fitness status, fitness goals and lifestyle will help to guide your fitness journey in a controlled and targeted way.

As with all of TRUTH’s services, our MOT Test is completely safe. We do not take blood tests and there is no physical aspect to the test. So no risk to you whatsoever.

Once you have completed the online survey, we will process the data and analyse your results. Then we can schedule a call with you, to go through the report and discuss how to proceed.

After taking your fitness MOT Test you will learn details about your body and fitness. Alongside this we will give you advice and guidance on achieving your fitness goals. From here most of our clients take on the 6 Weeks Rapid Result System.

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