THREE MORE sleeps and the socially distanced, disinfected, tier 4 themed Father Christmas will be slipping down our chimneys to deliver our presents.

For those who were planning on buying presents last minute at the local shops and now realise that even Jeff Bezos isn’t going to get gifts to you before the 25th December, I am with you.

With the events of the last three days taken into consideration, we feel it would be a little unreasonable to give you a healthy eating plan to use over Christmas.

So we say, enjoy yourselves, let your hair down and get through this crap storm in any way you can…

However, looking forward to the New Year, we have been working hard to give you our best information, the good stuff, the stuff that works.

Introducing the “Drop 5lbs in 5 days plan.”

You’re welcome, Happy Christmas!

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team