I have an injury… It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it? That moment you hurt yourself so badly that you now can’t do the things you love and you need to improve injury recovery time. We’ve been there and got the t-shirt. It’s often not even the injury that hurts the most. It’s not being able to perform the way you want to. Injuries can be so disheartening. Once upon a time during a boxing session I tripped on the canvas and broke my big toe. Such a small injury but five years later my foot still hasn’t completely recovered and is slightly lopsided.

Problems with physical injury and recovery times

The difficulty with an injury is going to the gym, trying to exercise, trying to train, not having the balance and feeling off. Then you have to back down on the training and you stop enjoying it. Each attempt to get back in shape reveals the true picture that you simply can’t do what you want to do. You are unable to sprint without pulling a hamstring, enable to lift the old weights, leaving you feeling like you have regressed in strength. Then the weight starts to pile on as the activity levels and intensity drop.

Finally, realisation sets in that you have to give up. That is the horror show. I’ve been there personally so I know how it feels. Every single one of you is wanting to get back into shape but each time you restart you have to stop because you’ve pulled another muscle.

Then there are other issues which creep in. All the time spent away from the gym has been replaced with other hobbies. Mine was the pub. Sound familiar? I’ve wasted many nights in pubs and bars where I could have been exercising, but because every time I tried I failed, I just gave up in the end.

Injury rehabilitation and recovery

The light at the end of the tunnel is that once I accepted that I wasn’t the same beast that I used to be, I started to tone down the intensity and applied regular rehab movements that were specific for my injury and muscle restrictions. I finally started gaining confidence back again. My big transformation came when after I had been applying myself for a few weeks with simple low level jogs, core work, and rehab exercises I started to notice exercise became easier and I started feeling good too.

Looking back, I think that it’s that endorphin rush of feeling good after exercise that was so sorely missed. It wasn’t instant recovery but once I took time to understand my physiology and the restrictions upon my body that were setting me up for failure, every single time I trained I could rectify them. Using a systematic approach of not overloading my body and making consistent efforts to adjust the symmetry in my body I could start to enjoy exercise again.

How to improve injury recovery time

So, if you are injured and it has been stopping you from engaging with the physical side of a weight loss programme and if you’re normally an active person then the big takeaway is to know that you can start up again. It just often means redefining where that starting point is and what it looks like. Once you see those results coming through in a safe and calculated manner it really makes a difference to your mental wellbeing. It releases the stress and builds back your confidence. With the right assistance you can improve injury recovery time and then start back to regaining that fully loaded training that you loved so much.

Injuries can be so debilitating but don’t let that fear of hurting yourself again or failing again stop you anymore. Release yourself from feeling like you’ll never be able to train again. There are ways to recover from injuries to get you back to fighting fitness and there are exercises that can be created bespoke for you so you gain back that confidence as well as that feeling of excitement and achievement.

Start slow and build the foundation

Taking a leaf out of my book to improve injury recovery time. Stop wasting your time. Not trying isn’t going to make the situation any better so it’s best to start slow and build the foundations back stronger and in the right way. Like the recent quote I recently saw from Rosemary Nonny Knight: “Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice”

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