As promised here’s my business partner and cousin Tony McCarthy.

For those of you that know Tony, you will not be surprised to learn that he got his clothes off on stage.

In fact growing up with him it became evident that Tony enjoyed doing this exact same thing (just his top usually) around the bars and clubs of London.

The images above are of Tony competing in the Miami pro fitness model competition and as you can see he got himself into incredible shape

(he doesn’t look out of shape on the left either does he!)

Can you spot the difference between the two?

Well, despite the look on his face,

in the image on the left he is sitting at about 11% body fat and he is happy and healthy.

The image on the right he is sitting at about 7% body fat and he is miserable!

To put this into context the man on the left is eating three good meals a day,

is training four times per week and is maybe even enjoying a bottle of wine on the weekend.

The man on the left is not.

Surviving on three small dry portions of tuna/chicken broccoli and rice cakes he is dehydrated, depleted of carbs, irritable (his words not mine) and won’t be enjoying a Merlot on the weekend!

When you see people in this kind of shape it looks great,

they seem happy and inspiring, but the harsh reality is much different.

What is your ideal body shape?

Have you really thought about a realistic goal for yourself that is achievable with all

of the different challenges that you face?

Really think about it, what is it that you want to achieve?

Because in our experience setting the bar too high when it comes to health and fitness just leads to overwhelm and destroys motivation.

Use the SMART principle for goal setting to help increase your chances of a achieving your goal

1 – Specific, use a picture of someone’s physique you like or aim to lose 2 inches off of your belly. Set specific strength and fitness goals, like being able to do ten press-ups and run 3 miles without stopping.

2- Measured, track everything (we know you love a spreadsheet) take photos, measure your belly button, track your max press-ups, and time your runs.

3- Achievable, in the time frame you have set. Don’t set the bar too high. You won’t be able to run a 17-minute 5km or do 100 press-ups in 30 days, but you could lose body fat, be much fitter and stronger.

4- Realistic, hand in hand with achievable. Chances are you won’t ever look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he wasn’t a successful executive (at the time of Mr Olympia) that has to entertain, wine dine, take over night flights and live in a world where he had to make especially important decisions every day. Give yourself a break.

5- Timed, create an target date, this adds pressure to the situation and give you an end point to aim for. Let’s go!

Chat soon

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team