You’ve been there right?

When the Monday morning alarm goes off and you CANNOT be bothered.

For some it happens regularly, the prospect of a long day of Zoom meetings, low energy and a body that hurts will do that to anyone.

For others its every so often, but let’s be honest we all struggle sometimes.

You feel like your body is Velcroed to the mattress and the only thing that could possibly tempt you out of bed would be a fresh bacon sandwich and a cup of Rosie.

We understand, we feel this way too, and we also know how to reverse it. It’s all about changing your state.

The weird thing is it can happen after a great night’s sleep and a healthy weekend. So how do we change our state, how do we increase our energy and boost our mood?

Read on

10 minute state change workout

1) Visualise – Changing your mental state can be achieved in a number of ways, choose which works for you. Visualising a happy time, you spent with your family or a time you felt proud of yourself, like a promotion or a business deal. Listening to your favourite songs can help switch your mood (my happy music is a bit of Barry White, Just The Way You Are! )

2) Breathe – We love the Wim Hof method; it is simple, and it works. Empty your lungs of all air. Close your eyes and take 30 deep breaths in and out. On the last inhale hold your breath and “push” the air up into your diaphragm and brain. Release the breath and return to normal tempo. Do this exercise sitting down just in case you become lightheaded.

3) Move – Squat to chair, Jog on the spot, star jumps, 1 minute on each exercise, no rest, three rounds. Simple, tough but effective. Increase or decrease the sets and reps as needed, the goal is to increase the heart rate rapidly in a short sharp manner.

Give this a go and let us know how you get on.

In our experience you will be feeling energised, revitalised and ready to hit the day!


Speak soon

Cameron, Tony and The TRUTH Team

P.S > If you want to listen to a bit of Barry White this morning, it will be our little secret