April 24

Living a Healthy Lifestyle (The Breakdown)


A healthy lifestyle is really simple to obtain, yet we as a society tend to over complicate it. The constant stream from social media of the latest fitness regime to make you slim, salad to give you a six pack and shakes to give you instant muscles, doesn’t help.


A healthy lifestyle isn’t about getting eight hours sleep every night, going T- total and never touching a jammy dodger. These can fit into it but let’s be honest; very few of us have the time or energy for such a routine.


What is it?

It is simply a way of living that reflects the optimum physical and mental state for you, in a way that makes you happy with yourself. You could be the fastest runner in the gym and still not have a healthy lifestyle. It is more about health and happiness than fitness level.


Developing yours

To find the lifestyle for you start by working out what isn’t working. If you are truly happy with your physical and mental state then you’ve found yours, why fix what isn’t broken!

But for many of us there something we want to change. Be it your eating habits, your physical or your mental state.


Making small changes

The key is in keeping changes small. They are sustainable and soon become habits without overcomplicating anything.

For example:

Add fruit to your breakfast

Go to bed one hour earlier

Spend 30min a day doing something you love: drawing, reading, cooking.

Try and move a bit more: walk to the next tube or bus stop along.


Be kind to yourself

This isn’t a diet, it is not a quick fix. It is a lifestyle.

If you eat a pack of cookies you haven’t ‘blown’ your lifestyle. You have just eaten a pack of cookies and I am sure they tasted great!

Your mental state is so important when you are trying to make changes to the way you live.


Do not compare yourself

The last tip I have is that you simply cannot compare yourself to others. Their goals, experiences, ambitions and way they live their life is totally different from yours. Be individual, make the changes you need for you.



Truth Head of Cycling Training and Communications


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