Motivating yourself to workout

One of our first body transformations at TRUTH was with a young guy who had been obese. He had lost a large amount of weight himself but was looking to go from overweight to six-pack.

Back when I was learning the blueprint to transformation psychology, I discovered a technique called future pacing. It was clear that James would benefit from this powerful tool, so we went to work. I future paced James to a point in history where he could visualise himself having a perfect life. 

He thought about being out at a bar on a date with his girlfriend, and when she goes to the restroom, he gets chatted up at the bar.

Future Pacing to Motivate Yourself to Workout

We got him to connect with his senses, a common technique to reinforce positive thoughts, and before every workout, I’d transport him to that moment in time, rehearsing it, anchoring it more and more. He smashed his goals and eventually got the girl of his dreams. The future pacing and anchoring were the key to his motivation and keeping him on track.

But it was deeper; I think those techniques just brought out what was already in him.

Motivation is a Powerful Tool

You see, motivation is a powerful tool, and it comes in many different forms. Initially, the motivation that gets a client out of non-activity is linked to their horizon. 

By this, I mean plugging into something that they dream of acquiring or fear of losing in the future. For example, wanting to be healthier to enjoy more time doing the things they love like skiing holidays and time with the family.

Body Transformation Motivation

If you’re at the beginning of a transformation, then tapping into your why is a great place to start. 

But after a while of training, the excitement of the new venture becomes more of a daily task, just like making the bed or going to work. 

If you’re in a programme and struggling to find that situational motivation to get moving and your mind convinces you to stay indoors and watch a movie or go for a pint, look for a training partner—someone who can be the motivation for you. 

It’s so easy to lose internal motivation, so having a training partner or coach to who you’re accountable can provide the necessary energy required to pull you out of the house.

Improving Daily Habits

To keep things interesting, I also suggest doubling down on daily habits that reinforce your motivation. 

So, this could be watching workout videos, listening to bodybuilders’ podcasts, even Instagram is an excellent and consumable place to get short, impactful videos of other people going through the same as you, starting out or way down the line in their journey.

The thing is, you’re the only one responsible for your future self. What you do today lays the foundation of tomorrow. How you feel today is a result of what you did yesterday.

From working with many coaches, myself, for business, it’s evident that doing the reps is the most critical factor in success.

Motivate Yourself to Workout

Doing the boring reps, being consistent, staying on track in the good times and the bad, keeping things simple, and enjoying the process.

When we focus on just the goal, although it can’t be motivational, it’s not what gets the result; what gets the product is that consistent daily application to doing what needs to be done.

Cardio isn’t sexy. Doing the same workout for six weeks isn’t always fun. But if you can fall in love with that feeling of accomplishment from running an extra lap or going a bit faster. If you can fall in love with the feeling of sweating, fall in love with the look of your muscles when they’re pumped. I fall in love with seeing your belly rolls disappear and your abs show through.

Then you’ll never need motivation. You’ll be so focused on the progress that the goal won’t matter.

Rise above motivation and be so focused that even an injury won’t hold you back. 

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