Get Motivated!

Turn up!

Make Health your priority!

Just Do it!

You have heard all of this before right?
>Super cheesy, Mr Motivator type fitness chat.<

But what does it mean? It’s easy enough to say,”get motivated” but they might as well be saying, “win the Lottery.”

It can seem so far away, with little chance of it becoming a priority over your already insane work
We get it.
Business is always going to be the front runner, but
how can we gain some motivation,
some momentum, and
actually get our bodies moving?

(Because you and I both know that you need to)

Here’s how. Read ON

Track your progress.

Write down the side of a page the numbers 1 -20. Make it your goal to go to the gym 20 times (it doesn’t matter what you do right now) and tick them off one at a time, this is habit building. Track something, anything, but be consistent.

Invest in winter active wear.

Buying some lovely new clobber can be the first step towards getting your foot inside the gym. Be warm. This will help you offset the, “It’s too cold to exercise at 6am story you tell yourself.”

Plan and schedule your work out to convenient times.

Having a plan to work from takes away some of the pressures of winter training.  Knowing where, how, with who and when you will be training will help with the preparation and execution of sessions.

Reward yourself with a healthy warm treat after.

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a warm healthy treat after making it to the gym.  We at Truth are happy to provide tips on foods and meals to choose.

Train with an inspired friend or partner

Training with a buddy will help you push yourself to come in and drive towards your goals and targets

As the seasons change why not change your work out or target areas.

When the weather switches up why not try out a new work out regime. Try new machines speak to someone for tips and advice.  Start a new habit create a new challenge to keep your wonderment and motivation up

Complete mini goals for each session.

Create new ways to keep yourself entertained.  Little things add up to big changes.  Simple goals like “for today’s session I will try two new machines.” Completing these tasks will almost certainly be rewarding.