Alcohol Health Guide


Alcohol is damaging to our general health and weight loss. The advice we offer in this Alcohol Health Guide is based on what results you are working towards and where your body composition is currently.

What this Alcohol Health Guide includes:

  1. TRUTH About Booze
  2. When is it OK to Drink
  3. How to Drink Healthy
  4. Water and Booze
  5. How does Alcohol affect Your Performance?
  6. Guide to Alcohol
  7. Drinks Under 200 Calories


TRUTH’s Alcohol Health Guide

At TRUTH we don’t recommend that people who wish to lose weight drink alcohol. But we also appreciate that when people choose to sip a tipple, there are some things that can be done to help you drink alcohol in a more health conscious way.

Get the Skinny on Drinking Alcohol

Let’s be honest with ourselves, unless we go teetotal, we are going to drink alcohol every now and then. Whether it be for special celebrations or for a home comfort, as well as everything in between. So it’s important that you get clued up on the skinny of booze.

Health & Fitness Quiz

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