Food Intolerance Test


Even if you are eating a healthy diet on paper, sometimes certain foods just don’t agree with us. This finger prick Food Intolerance Test is easy to complete and our partner laboratory will test your blood against 133 foods and drinks to identify which ones you are intolerant to.



Why Take This Food Intolerance Test?

Studies have shown that an IgG food intolerance can cause problems such as: IBS, bloating, headaches, migraines, eczema and other skin problems, as well as fatigue and weight gain.

If you experience any of these problems, or if you simply want to optimise your diet, discovering your unique trigger foods is a great place to start.

What Results Will I Get?

Your Food Intolerance Test results will cover all commonly reactive foods, as well as specific sections on Drinks, Supplements & Alternative Foods. Once you identify your trigger foods, we will help you to remove them and find suitable replacements to truly optimise your diet.


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