Health MOT Test


Health MOT – Providing actionable and detailed intel about your current physical state, to help direct and improve your fitness strategy.

This detailed personal MOT will help you to find out:

  • What your actual health and fitness goals are
  • Why you need to improve your health and fitness
  • What the next steps are to achieve your goals
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Who is this Health MOT Test for?

Our structured and detailed Health MOT is for anybody who is ready to take their personal fitness seriously.

Your Health MOT Test will cover 12 Key Areas:

  1. Core Strength
  2. Current Fitness
  3. Your Mobility
  4. Pain Levels
  5. Current Weight
  6. Heart Risk
  7. Your Lifestyle
  8. Energy Levels
  9. Nutrition Intake
  10. Sleep Pattern
  11. Stress Levels
  12. Your Resources

Getting Your Test Results

Once you have completed the online survey, we will process the data and analyse your results. Then we can schedule a call with you, to go through the report and discuss how to proceed with your personal training.


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