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The number one reason why top-level executives struggle to drop unwanted weight is not because they are unmotivated, lazy or uncommitted.

It’s because, after spending years enjoying fine dining, crouched over a keyboard picking up tons of stress, niggles and injuries, the standard personal trainer (with his or her Tupperware boxes full of healthy food) simply does not relate to them. As a result, they never take action, or at seeing little to no results from exercise will often injure themselves or quit soon after making the situation worse.

Here’s the problem you face: as you age, your body is getting weaker, the help you require becomes more complex, and your general sense of motivation and energy is dwindling on a daily basis.

However, before you lose the will to get started, luckily for you, there is a solution: The Rapid Result System!

The Rapid Result System is fast, safe and comprehensive, developed as a result of years of helping hundreds of professionals just like you to transform their bodies.

So, what makes the Rapid Result System special?

  • A six-week deadline. This ensures that you have a clearly defined expectation of results and time frame, meaning you can focus on what needs to be done now and plan for the future.
  • A comprehensive health assessment so that we can clarify your goals, pains and injuries, meaning that you get a genuinely bespoke programme to suit your body.
  • An intolerance and DNA test. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your current gut health and genetic potential, which means that you can get quicker results.
  • Diet and lifestyle coaching giving you a diet plan you can stick to meaning, you don’t have to give up the food and drink that you love because we can include this in it if you wish.
  • A customised exercise plan so that you can track and follow your progress, meaning you’ll reduce pain, build muscle and burn fat to build a lean and powerful physique.
  • ‘Introduction To Your Health’. This consists of a 60-minute one-to-one-coaching session so that the start of your programme is smooth. We will show you what you’re capable of and what you can achieve in a safe and controlled manner, meaning your first step towards change is seamless and fun.
  • A dedicated accountability coach so that you have someone with you in times of need - even if you fall off the rails, you have someone to advise on how to limit the damage and help remind you of your goals and motivations.
  • A team of exercise experts so that each exercise session is matched to your ability level and current energy level, with an expert guiding your every movement meaning that you have a safe and fun session no matter how new to the programme, stressed or tired you are.
  • A Booking Hotline so that you can book all of your sessions in advance, as well as allowing for flexibility when life or business get in the way, enabling you to reschedule for a more convenient time.

“We are the trusted health specialists for 45 of London’s top business leaders!”

Our testimonials speak volumes

“I am 22lbs lighter and feeling great.”

“They helped me manage through a very stressful year and keep my mind clear and focused. Can’t recommend them highly enough but you’ll get out of it what you put into it! Like life itself, ain’t that the TRUTH.”

David Wheldon, Ex-Chief Marketing Officer, RBS

“something that felt like a chore is now fun and engaging.”

“After seeing how smooth and easy the swap from face-to-face to virtual sessions were for me, I wanted to introduce the concept to my team. TRUTH is exceptional, and I’ve found that they’ve innovated training, so now something that felt like a chore is now fun and engaging. And when I want a little extra help with results, they’re there to give me the best advice for my nutrition, lifestyle
and rest.”

Julian Enoizi, CEO Pool: Re

“Within two months, the guys had me running my fastest 10k in eight years.”

“The question I asked Tony and Cameron was: Can you make me run faster? I enjoy running, running quite a lot, and have been a keen runner for years, but I’m now 45 and have been getting slower. My buddies told me to get real and accept that I’m just getting older. To be honest, I was afraid I’d have to admit that my buddies were right. Within two months, the guys had me running my fastest 10k in eight years. I’m more robust and enjoying both the running and sport a lot more. It’s not been lots of onerous training either, just one part-time session a week, some “homework” and a bit more focus on nutrition to drop some weight.”

Richard Watts, Chief Investment Officer at BMO Global Asset Management

“I have certainly seen marked improvements in my health and mental well-being...”

“The TRUTH team has helped me tremendously this year, particularly since the March lockdown. The benefits of their one-to-one training sessions have helped me physically but have also improved my well-being. Whilst the sessions are challenging, they set me up positively for each day. The team has focused my regular virtual training sessions on my goals. I have certainly seen marked improvements in my health and mental well-being and thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of a structured training regime.”

Craig Tyrell, Head of Accident and Health at Convex Insurance

How Angus lost 19lbs of fat and gained a new lease of life!

How did you feel before you started?

"At 50 I wanted to do something to slow down loss of muscle mass and strength. And to shift some weight. I had been running for many years but it was the only regular exercise I got so I wanted to try out the gym – even though I had never done weights before.”

What were you concerned about before you started?

"Just that it would take up too much time or be all about fad diets. And I suppose I suspected it would soon become a boring routine, how much fun can lifting heavy weights over and over again really be?”

What was your experience like?

"It took a while getting used to it really just because so much of it was new. I had to learn how to lift, I had to accept that it wasn’t going to all happen over night. The team were great at keeping it different and exciting to start with until I was hooked. Also very flexible at making changes to my schedule to accommodate work and travel. Even at the last minute.” 

What results did you get?

'I lost 9 kilos in fat, which was 6% of my body fat and I got stronger and fitter than I have ever been. I was complemented by my friends for looking younger and looking good. And I can dead lift and back squat over my body weight. Getting there with the front squat too, 90%.”

What’s your favourite thing about TRUTH?

"My favourite thing about TRUTH is their black and white attitude to giving advice.

TRUTH seem to have a very good grasp of how to deal with my sort of character. I like things told to me straight and to know I am being given the most up to date and accurate information. I also like to understand the reasons behind the programmes, and they are good at explaining that and motivating me to do more".

TRUTH seems to have a very good grasp of how to deal with my sort of character. I like things told to me straight and being given the most up to date and accurate information.

What you get in the Rapid Result System:


Lose 14lbs in six weeks


Comprehensive health assessment


Intolerance and DNA test


Diet and lifestyle consultation


Fitness and strength assessment and programme


Introduction to your health session


A dedicated accountability coach


A team of exercise experts


A Booking Hotline

Plus, the following bonuses:

  • Nourish Essentials - a quick guide for nutrition referencing so that you have answers at your fingertips.
  • Grab and Go Guide - a local guide to high protein foods you can buy from lunch time outlets in the city meaning you don’t have to think about what to order on the menu but instead, save time and energy. 
  • Our top three favourite health and lifestyle books for you to inform yourself for transformation as well as giving you a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Next steps

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Kind regards,

Cameron and Tony

TRUTH Founders