June 20

Start Your Day The TRUTH Way


How you start your day often reflects how your day will turn out and these tips will help you get the best start possible.


Wait a while before you pick up your phone: 

As soon as you wake, do not check your phone. This is a difficult task for many but has a range of benefits; it enables you to have some time to yourself and to be connected to those around you rather then instantly being attached to a screen. It will also give your mind some space away from social media, stressful emails and colleague interactions before starting your day.

So, go and have a shower, drink a cuppa and then check your phone, it can wait.


Drink water:

Too often, the first thing we reach for is the coffee. However your body is more in need of water after a night without it. Drink a glass as the kettle boils.


Tell yourself that today will be a good day:

This tip sounds a bit silly, however it works if you believe it. Start the day with a positive mindset and that way any problems that arise will be easier to deal with and will hopefully mean your day is that bit better as a result. Positive language is proven to create a more positive mindset!


Prepare for the day:

Run through what you will be doing and make a note if you need to. This will help you plan time for exercise and activities outside of work. Remember, exercise is a as important as that meeting at the end of the day. Skipping sessions will leave you feeling drained and less sharp.


Breakfast or no breakfast:

This one is up to you. Some don’t like to eat in the morning; others cannot go without food. If you’re eating, go for something that’ll fill you up and not leave you snacking. If you aren’t eating first thing, ensure you have healthy food with you for when you do break your fast.


Morning workout:

Working out in the morning not only gets you pumped and ready to go but also means you won’t be tired like you would be in the evening after a long day. Early morning training often works for busy people as it’s the only time that they can fit it in, before the meetings and calls start.



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