This summer is hot and what better way to cool off than taking a swim? Whatever your fitness level, swimming can have a range of benefits from toning your muscles and building your cardiovascular fitness to helping you relax and de stress.



Full body work out

Swimming uses all your main muscle groups, so you can tone both your arms and your legs, alongside building your core strength. An added bonus is that exercising in water makes you work harder than on land due to water resistance so 30min in the pool is the equivalent to 45min of the same activity on land. It makes your heart work too which helps improve your cardiovascular fitness.


Helps you to relax

Being in water can help lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression and improve your sleep patterns. It doesn’t take a hard session to feel the psychological benefits of swimming; an easy swim will still do the trick.


Supports the body

Struggling with injury or the relentless impact of some land activities? Then swimming is great as the water supports your body; up to 90% of its weight. It is also a brilliant way to stay active if you’re recovering from injury.


No sweat

In this summer heat, exercising outside can result in excessive sweating due to the rise of your internal body temperature. However when swimming, no matter how hard you work you won’t feel sweaty as the water around you is constantly cooling you down.


Burn fat and calories

Swimming is one of the most effective exercises in which to burn calories. Just 30min of swimming can burn around 200kcal, more than double that of walking. The whole body nature of the workout also helps increase your metabolic rate if done regularly. This can help you torch the fat while feeling an increase in energy level


By Haddi Conant

TRUTH Cycling and circuits expert