We were two struggling personal trainers working in the city trying to make a living. We really wanted to make extra money from personal training so that we wouldn’t have to stop paying our rent and lose our position in the gym.

We wanted to be able to support our other halves, have a family, buy homes and go on holidays.

The thing is we were only making average sort of money and in an industry that was very unstable where sometimes you’d have lots of money and other time no money, that meant that we couldn’t plan for the future let alone start a family.

To make things worse, our friends and family didn’t really understand what we were doing so made us feel like we were losing all the time. Meaning that we couldn’t celebrate small wins as every win came with five losses. We knew from looking around us that there was something different about our mindset. We looked up at successful business owners and entrepreneurs and felt akin to them. However, we couldn’t produce the financial results which on many days made us feel like failures and were fighting an uphill battle. As a result, we invested lots of money into training and coaching products which we thought would be the golden ticket, they had zero to no benefit leaving us even more confused and frustrated.

The problem was that we were paying high rents to other people’s gyms which restricted us from marketing freely, developing products and learning fast. Which held us back and sucked up the biggest source of income we had.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when we went on a business development course and were introduced a personal trainer who was selling a new product called body transformations and was making £7000 – £10,000 per person/3-month period. It became crystal clear to us, that selling a guaranteed result was the fastest way to create significant financial gains within our industry and help as many people as we could. We also learnt that everything that we had been doing before, was only scratching the surface of what it took to create a transformation. You must learn the process of transforming someone. After this we went and learnt how to become body transformation coaches developing three different buy in options and we started selling people transformations. After we did that, we started making money. Suddenly we went from making £100/ week per client to £500/ for transformation services. Suddenly we realised that the secret to making money, was about creating a result.

The problem was though that we weren’t specialist in marketing and sales, and the product was expensive and very few people in our network could afford it. Which meant that very soon we had dried out of clients inside the small personal training studio that we worked in.  Alongside, our inability to market directly to other people’s clients in the gym.

We then met a business coach and he suggested that we needed to niche our product, by niching it he described how we should focus on working with a certain type of client that we wanted to work with.

We niched it down and realised that the people that needed transformations the most and who could afford it were successful businesspeople, CEO’s and entrepreneurs. At this point we were able to become laser focused with the type of language that our clients used, how they liked to be talked to, what they liked to talk about. They liked the hard answers, they didn’t like faffing around, black and white language, building business, making money and self-growth. This was amazing for us, as it was exactly what we like to talk about and how we liked to present ourselves. At this point we started to inform them on a lot of the myths in the industry and realised that we were trying to give them the TRUTH behind what does and doesn’t work in the industry even if it wasn’t marketable or what they wanted to hear. This is when we started to go deep into what their real needs were, the challenges they faced and what they really wanted. We built a website, a brochure and began marketing to entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO’s, going to events, emailing, leaflet campaigns you name it we did it.

The next problem that we encountered, was that we wanted to scale our business it was impossible to have a brand or run a team inside the current facility we were in because of the high costs and the owners not being keen. At this point we started to think about branching out and creating our own facility. We researched lots of different types of gyms and gym setups and we realised that the current gym model was broken and leveraged in an unfair advantage to the gym owners to the disadvantage to the personal trainers.

There was an exceptionally low standard of fitness facilities in general, they would be in warehouses in basements or converted office spaces. At this point we knew that we had to find a higher level of facility to attract the best type of client and at the same time we needed to completely re think our approach to building our business compared to what was already out there. So we now had multiple walls in front of us, how to build a team, how to build a brand, how to build a product, how to market, how to build a compelling facility, how to sell and this had to be learnt with zero investment.

After researching the number of different venues to self-build we had a couple of epiphanies all at the same time. One was after visiting a local hotel, we had seen that there were a lot of gyms with loss making assets within hotels. The epiphany being that if we had the right offering we wouldn’t have to create our own one, but could partner or hire the best quality gym facilities already inside of these 5 star hotels, which were at a much higher level than what was available on the high street. Next while in discussion with a highly successful client of ours, he mentioned in passing that at the age of 50 he would pay us a million pound if we could create a pill that made him 10 years younger. In that exact moment we realised, that the one thing that powerful and successful people hold dearest to their heart is the lack of control that they have over their ageing. We realised that many business owners in their 50 + all had the same problem. The sacrifice of building a successful business was the loss of their health which in turn aged them prematurely.

The final biggest wall that we hit was that unbeknownst to us we had become victims of our own success. We were exercising less, sleeping less, working all hours, never switching off, using alcohol to subdue the drama in our heads, the weight had crept on adding on double figure kg’s, our bodies were stiff and broken from sitting down too much, burnt out from decision fatigue, due to high level decisions all day long. We went through family breakups, long distance travel on a weekly basis, causing huge financial, physical and emotional strain. We were also suffering from the closest people around us constantly telling us that we should get a steady job, with steady income and give up on this crazy mission. We suffered financial problems that caused strains on the business’s resources and our relationships both with ourselves and our family. To paint a picture, imagine waking up in the morning, having once been muscular, fit, energetic, full of life and confident, to now being overweight, black eyes, out of shape, feeling like a let-down, in pain, various rashes, gut issues, having to knock themselves out with booze and put a smile on your face to give if off a positive energy, it’s a soul destroying point to be at.

After much time in the dungeon of self-pity we realised that the problems that we were going through were the same problems our clients were going through. Going through this we understood that we needed to find a way to solve all our problems with all the help and knowledge around us, but we also knew it wasn’t going to be an overnight process. Over a noticeably short period of time we looked 5 – 10 years older. We realised the stress of business has a huge detrimental effect on our mental, physical and emotional state and left us looking and feeling like different people.

Our plan was to start creating a programme of change that allowed us to work on our own time scale which didn’t create extra ordinary amounts of friction to our daily lives. We began to work out what we needed to do to lose weight, to feel healthy, to sleep better, feel positive, look and feel strong, to have energy, be mobile and all in a way that still allowed us to maintain a growing business and not take time away from our family.

But there was still a problem…

But there was still a problem, many of the pressures and strains of daily life were still there and there wasn’t a lot of control we had over them. We were travelling back and forth for our family, we were still socialising with friends and family, we still needed to take all of the pressure of the business so our teams could still make money regardless, we still had critics all around us. It took a lot of time, effort, money and self-reflection for us to start to make progress.

Eventually we got so frustrated with our own personal situation that we realised if we didn’t take control over ourselves then all of the things around us would be negatively impacted, the biggest realisation that we had was that we are the centre of everything that we love, the centre of our business, our partnership, our family, our team.

Once we realised it was our responsibility, we were able to start changing ourselves for the better good of everything around us. We looked at all the areas that we needed to improve personally and we started off with some easy wins. For example, a fun and interesting daily fitness routine, a list of easy to make homemade meals, re-evaluating who we spent our time with and in what manner we did that. With several small changes along this continuum of personal areas of conflict we managed to build up several achievements that benefit our mental state, physical and emotional wellbeing. All of which allowed us to be more resilient to the pressures of our business success and family commitments. The biggest thing was being able to enjoy life once again with the stress.

After creating Age rejuvenation we were able to fall in and out of results quickly and without too much negative impact on our lives we had many tools to our disposal so that we were able to identify when we were falling off of the wagon and adjust our thoughts and behaviour patterns in a fast and efficient manner. As a result, we are better leaders for our team, hopefully role models for our children and better partners for our spouses.