My kids are bored. REALLY BORED..

Soft plays, petting zoos and libraries are shut (along with all of the other stuff that kids love doing.)

This means that unless they’re at nursery (not quite school yet for my two) they are in the house.

Suddenly everything has become a climbing frame. If you dare to turn your head away for 3 seconds to, heaven forbid, turn the kettle on, my one year old is up on the table or using the back of the sofa as a balance beam, this he finds very amusing.

He has a habit of bashing his loaf anyway, but add in the fact that the table is at hip height it’s a little too much for our nerves to take.

So yesterday, I did what dads do and I decided to take away the things that were causing imminent danger. One of those things was a heavy wooden bench that we have in the kitchen.

In steps dad, he will FIX it.

Flip if over and tuck it under the table, sorted.

Grabbing the bench I lose my grip and the heavy bench (25kg’s I estimate) falls and the flat wooden part smashes onto my big toe.

Ouch… a sickening pain overtakes me and I feel like I’m going to vomit. Right, that feels broken. The throbbing doesn’t stop and I’m in for a bad night’s sleep!

That’s the lockdown daily jogging out of the window! I refuse to go to A and E as I know they will just strap it up anyway, so I soldier on.

The pain I felt and the feeling of having to soldier on without any help very much reminded me of how the last 8 months have felt like for all of us.

I am sure you have had moments of feeling this way, right?

It’s been tough, fingers crossed, it is nearly over.

Remember >>>

  • Move your body at least three times per week, walking, home workouts or follow an instructional video (see yesterdays email for our two favourite home workouts)
  • Take 30 deep breaths every morning, energising, awakening and de-stressing (Just trust us on this one, it takes seconds)
  • Eat what your body needs and a little of what it wants (no wine Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is a good place to start)
  • Do this consistently, give yourself an end date to aim for. At least 30 days, 60 is better, 90 is brilliant

Speak soon

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team

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