Last night was a stinker.

Have never experienced anything like it.

Went to bed as normal, and could not fall asleep.

I tried everything,





I just sat there staring at the ceiling, wanting with every cell of my body to fall asleep, but it wasn’t happening. I eventually fell asleep at 3 am, safe in the knowledge that the alarm would be going off in 3 hours, DREADFUL!

It was horrific, I felt anxious, frustrated, and in the end, angry, because I knew I had to rest as the day ahead was so busy, have you ever experienced this?

It made me realise that sometimes, with all the best intentions in the world, life gets in the way. It can be the same with your goals, your new year’s resolutions.

You really intend to make this year different.

You tell yourself that this is the one.

But life gets in the way, its normal right, stuff happens.

But the trick is to keep trying until you crack it, never give up.

If you applied the same energy and determination to your health as you have to your work and business, do you believe you would have achieved your fitness goals by now?

YES, me too!

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Cameron Harris, Tony and the TRUTH team

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