It is hard to know what to believe or what rules to follow when you’re trying to lose weight. With Ketosis, High intensity interval training (HIIT), intermittent fasting and the various other diets and exercise regimes out there; many of us become overwhelmed by choice.

Here are some overarching facts and ideas that will help get you on the way to losing a few pounds…

1. Lose Weight Facts: Calorie Deficit

In order to lose weight you need to eat less than you burn, every diet roots back to this. The amount of calories your body burns is made up of what it burns at rest plus what you burn from exercising. What you burn at rest and during exercise can be found out using online calculators (not the most accurate but better than guessing).

However, counting calories isn’t always necessary, often just making healthier choices naturally puts you in a calorie deficit and as a result you will lose weight because your body will used stored fuel (predominantly fat) rather than energy from just food.

2. How Do I Lose Weight?

Put simply, the diet that will work for you is the one you can stick to. I think a diet is often viewed as a way of eating for the short term or until you reach a goal.

Do be aware that weight loss is a long process, it doesn’t and shouldn’t, happen over night. It should perhaps be viewed as more of a lifestyle change than a diet.  As a result, you should think about healthy changes you can make and then keep long term.

3. Changing Habits: Healthy Lifestyle

Weight gain is often a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. Once you have worked out what these are you can begin to change them and bring in healthier lifestyle habits.

4. Tracking Weight Loss Progress

Track your weight loss progress in a notebook. You can track your waist and hip measurements, your weight and you could also create a food log to make you more aware of what you are eating. Tracking not only keeps you motivated through results but also keeps you accountable.

As part of our Free Weight Loss Programme we include a handy tracking template and video advice on the best way to track your weight loss.

5. Change Your Environment To Suit You

The easiest way to reach a goal is to get rid of the barriers in your way. When it comes to losing weight the barriers will often include the temptation to eat quick and often unhealthy foods. To remove this barrier you must set up your environment to suit your goal.

Get rid of all the junk food in your house and replace it with healthy alternatives. That way, when it comes to wanting crisps in the evening or 11am biscuits there isn’t that option.

With going to work, changing your environment is a bit more of a challenge. However pre prepping food and bringing it with you is one way to avoid the need or temptation of office cake.

6. Exercise To Lose Weight

Introducing exercise into your life not only improves your health but also psychologically encourages you to create healthier habits.

The exercise or workout you choose is totally up to you. My advice would be to try a variety and pick the one you like the most. Not everyone likes the gym and there are so many other sports and classes to try if it isn’t your thing.

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Post By: Haddi Conant – TRUTH Cycling and Circuits Specialist