Wondering if there are any actual health benefits to saying “No”? Shops, bars and restaurants are all beginning to open their doors again. This means the invites to eat out, drink out and all the things that made you put on weight in the first place, are literally back on the menu. So what’s the plan?

…it would help if you got good at saying NO.

The power of NO for your health

There are both physical and mental health benefits of saying NO. Here are our top 5:

1) Keep Weight Off

You’ve spent the last year stuck indoors and if you’re anything like us, you have been working hard on your health. This time alone has helped us reflect on what’s important to us, health and family being top of the pile. Be careful if you start saying yes to it all, you will be back where you were fast.

2) Maintain Your Motivation

Exercising three times per week? Eating fewer carbs? Drinking more water? Use the power of NO to keep yourself motivated. We all know what will happen if you say YES to everything; it’s a downward spiral, my friend.

3) Stay Healthy by Saying No

Glad to be rid of the hangovers? All your old clothes fitting? Skin a little clearer? Feeling happier? Better relationship with your family?
Give yourself a big pat on the back. Look at how far you have come; you did this, nobody else.

You’re a better person for it; you feel great. So do not let anyone take your health away from you, use the power of NO.

4) Mental Health Benefits to Saying No

Saying “No” can often help to improve your mental health. Building confidence, feeling in control and gaining respect from your peers. You don’t always have to be the one that says “Yes” because you feel under pressure to do so.

5) Say No to Ordering In

Home cooked food is generally far more healthy than take away food. Keep up the good work by creating your own gourmet quality food at home and reap the rewards for your health.

More Healthy Tips

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