Step one to take control of your body using resistance training begins with one thing… Execution.

Without proper execution, the other variables lose their impact.

The vital components of exercise: load, volume, frequency, density, time under tension are all dependant upon understanding and performing every single rep with proper execution.

Precise execution requires focus and effort when it’s new. Think of it as “internal focus”. Effort that is going on inside your body, your muscles, your nervous system to effectively and efficiently isolate specific muscles.

Step two is … Effort.

Once you’ve reached unconscious competence around execution, your conscious attention can then switch to more “outward” effort.

The catch is, effort without execution produces minimal results, and will lead to developmental discrepancies and injuries.

This is evident when you realize that month after month, year after year, you see the same people at the gym not looking much different than they did when you first saw them.

Step three is what separates average from exceptional… Commitment.

For someone looking to master their physique there will be a third crucial step: Commitment.

Once steps one and two are mastered, the true ability to take complete control over your body whether that is dropping 10+ pounds of fat, packing on 10+ pounds of muscle, improving an imbalanced body part, or making yourself fit and healthy so you can enjoy life’s activities, comes down to how mentally committed you are to making a change. It doesn’t happen overnight and you will have to create some new life habits, but the payoff is well worth it.