Took a client through an MOT assessment yesterday.

To say I was shocked by what I saw is an understatement.

This person had been paying a pt for months and months (not a cheap one either)

She has a chronic pain issue; a big one!

Now this PT has been taking him through a heavyweight programme,


heavy deadlifts

dumbbell step-ups.

The client had told her multiple times about pain during these movements, the unbelievable part?

The PT never adapted the programme !!! Not once, didn’t even drop the load or restrict the depth of movements!!

She just kept on “pushing through”, “no pain no gain” and all the other stupid things PT said.

The outcome?

The client has now left their old PT and joined the TRUTH family, after seeing the care and attention that we give to our clients. Secondly, the joint is sore and painful, plus he has a new back and neck pain issue; the client has wasted time and money and now needs to spend 90 days fixing it.


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Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team

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