Uniting Employees With Virtual Team Fitness Training

Virtual Team Fitness Training

TRUTH increases the engagement and performance of remote and distributed teams through virtual team fitness training sessions, including personal training and nutrition guidance. We are the “cloud” of health, fitness and wellbeing for your staff.

Experience it for yourself… We will deliver a free one-off team training programme session for the key decision makers and team leaders in your company, based on your team fitness goals. Showing you in real-time, what it’s like to be part of a virtual team fitness training session from TRUTH.

How TRUTH's VTF System Works:

Organisation & Delivery

We set up the meetings that suit your schedule, manage the trainers, collect feedback from your staff and give regular updates to management.

Tracking & Monitoring

We track individual fitness KPIs, session attendance and help participants achieve remarkable results.

High Engagement

During varied sessions our specialist trainers provide accurate technical support, alongside high energy sessions.


By researching your company’s history, values and aspirations we add in a variety of personalised elements, such as newsletters and motivational videos.

Nutrition Advice

We provide meal plans, diet tips, how to videos and in session advice, catered to your teams needs.

Management Care

We take the time to deliver bespoke 1-2-1 sessions for your management team. Providing individualised sessions, nutrition plans and advice.

What makes our Team Fitness System special?

We’ve spent the last 10 years helping high profile business leaders get back the health they sacrificed for their companies. We’ve dedicated our lives to improving the performance of some of London’s leading law, insurance and finance firms…

We work with CEO’s, partners, directors and heads of multi million pound turnover companies like Bank of Montreal, CHERRY LONDON, Aitch Group, Browne Jacobson and Pool Re.

Team Fitness - Workplace Wellbeing

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Who we work with

Frequently asked questions

This team fitness system is aimed at companies and business leaders that have the foresight to recognise, that the health and fitness of their staff and teams is a crucial part of a healthy and successful company as a whole.

Our specialised Virtual Team Fitness system can have a positive impact on staff morale, employee engagement, workplace wellbeing, teamwork, stress levels and productivity.

All of our clients lose at or around 14lbs over a 6 Weeks Rapid Result System. This is of course related directly to how strictly you follow the programme and effort you put in.

All of TRUTH’s weight lose and body transformation services and programmes are safe. We use proven techniques to get you the results you want.

Most of our clients see results within just a few days. After the 6 weeks period we guarantee you will see results inline with your predefined goals.

Several individuals from our Virtual Team Fitness programmes move onto a 1-2-1 Personal Training membership, based on their time and budget.

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