We couldn’t believe our eyes when Mr Jones walked into the gym.

He was shuffling his way down the corridor, at a snail’s pace, grimacing as his left foot touched the ground.

He was in pain.

Not the normal type that can be fixed with paracetamol and with a ten-minute lie down. No this was debilitating, the type that makes you sweat like you’re doing hill sprints, it was not nice to watch..

Mr Jones sits down with a look of relief on his face, as if he had just completed the London marathon on a very, very hot day, with a fridge attached to his back.

Turns out that Mr Jones had been training locally with a very well-known gym and during some deadlifts had felt a “twinge” in his back. He told the coaching staff about a historical weakness, but they had in his opinion ignored this.

It’s a classic scenario that we see a lot. A client being fitted into a training system that is rigid and one size fits all. Unfortunately, this was the result. He approached the gym as he had suffered from back pain for years, it had affected him so badly that he was unable to ski with his family (his favourite holiday.)

It transpired that Mr Jones had been in pain for three days, but due to important meetings had dragged himself into the city ( I bet you would too!)

This is not the point where we tell you that we magically fixed it in 5 minutes.

It was sore and inflamed. Not a good time to move it.

We sent Mr Jones home for the weekend and suggested that he have a nice hot bath with Epsom salts, and to gently rotate his back each morning.

Fast forward three months and he had booked his skiing holiday in Val d’isere (pre COVID-19!) And he was happy, really happy. So happy he would send us photos of him staring over the mountains ( we can’t see his face, but he does assure us he is smiling ????

Three top tips to maintain a strong healthy back

1) Never ever do any type of weights exercises without a sufficient warm up. Jumping up from your desk and hitting squats without a thorough warmup will result in a spasm or tweak.

2) Focus on warming up the muscles on the back of your body, your bum muscles and the big strong back muscles are of most importance.

3) Ensure that you are hydrating the day before you are planning on doing any kind of back exercises. We discourage you from drinking alcohol the evening before as this really dehydrates you and increases the likely hood of injury

Check out tomorrow’s post where we will share our specialised back warm up routine with you.

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