As a successful vaccine edges closer, we are all hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just another mirage.

We chatted a little about working from home and the negative impact that it is having on our bodies and our minds.

But are there any positives? Probably, let’s take a look

First off, we’re all spending less money. Apart from the increased gas and electric bills, the costs of eating out and travel have all but disappeared. (the fridge seems to empty much quicker though!)

We’re also saving money on gym memberships.

Whether your local gym has frozen your account, or you have cancelled it completely, you won’t be shelling out cash on a gym membership that potentially you didn’t use that much anyway.

We probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you don’t really need one. If your goal is to lose weight and to stay healthy, then a fully kitted gym setup really is unnecessary (yes we said it.)

It’s great that your local gym has tons of squat racks,

12 Cross trainers,

6 x benches and a climbing wall, but be honest, how much of it do you even use?

Ye, thought so..

With everyone working from home we have been forced to look for alternative means of staying fit. With over 50% of employees saying that after the pandemic they will be exercising with a mix of at home and in gym training (Class pass survey, 2020) it is clear that working out at home is here to stay.

So with this in mind we wanted to share with you 2 short videos, that are free to use and definitely do not require a climbing wall, X trainer or a cable machine to benefit from..

Video 1 >> Our Top 5 home band workout, is perfect for those of you that want a quick, full body workout and have a set of bands at home. All the benefits of a whole-body workout without the need for expensive equipment.

Video 2 >> Quickfire Upper Body Workout, for those that have a single set of dumbbells and want to hit their upper body, chest, back, shoulders and arms without the need for tons of space or a full dumbbell set.

Speak soon

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team

Video 1 – Top 5 home band workout

Video 2 – Quickfire Upper Body Workout