It’s that time again (Sorry). The 2020 John Lewis advert is here and who would have guessed it. It has families, it has animals that talk and yes, you’ve guessed it lots of people sharing their favourite John Lewis products.

Magic… But if the sight of talking animals and huggy, love, love has driven you to drink, TRUTH are here with some good news. Crack open a bottle, because Drinking Red Wine can be healthy… and hey, it’s a Wednesday!

Top 3 proven health benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Red wine may get its health benefits from its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and lipid-regulating effects.

Red wine, made from crushed dark grapes is a relatively rich source of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant in the skin of grapes. Berries are a better source of resveratrol (but who wants to eat berries when red wine is on offer!)

Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress has clear links with many diseases, including cancers and heart disease.

1) Gut Health

2018 study reports that polyphenols from red wine and grapes can improve the gut microbiota, contributing to a healthier gut.

2) Dementia

According to a 2018 report, researchers have found an increased risk of dementia in people who abstained from drinking wine.

The authors say that this may be because of the neuroprotective effects of polyphenols and other compounds in wine that can reduce inflammation and alter the lipid profile in the body.

3) Depression

2013 study on 5,505 people over 7 years showed that those who drank between 2–7 glasses of wine each week had lower levels of depression. They also reported that people who drank heavily were more at risk for depression.

Drinking Red Wine Tonight

So there we have it. Some good indications that red wine drank in moderation has some health benefits. In our opinion if you are going to enjoy a glass with your dinner tonight, a nice red is probably your best bet.