” I read your emails and I do quite enjoy them, but I simply do not believe that you can lose weight in December. That’s why I would like you to take me off the list please.”

Just received this bad boy…

I get it, it’s understandable.

We have this idea ingrained into our psyche, especially in the UK.

As soon as the 1st December hits, the shops are full of Christmas treats and the 5-year-old in us is activated.

How many of us open the fridge and see a box or two of mince pies and a carton of brandy cream (how the hell did that get in there!?)

What are you even do with it? Put it in your morning coffee?!! ????

Anyways, I digress.

We hear this a lot,

people really do not want to begin a weight loss programme in December,

because they just can’t see it working.

The temptation of naughty treats, the Christmas parties (who’s going to those right now!?) the task can seem insurmountable.

But let me put this to you..

If you do say to yourself let’s leave it until January…

And you do it your way…

How much EXTRA weight will you have to lose in January?

The average weight gain over Christmas is anywhere between 1 – 5 kg ( we have seen all the ranges.)

The cold hard fact of the matter is that if you do bury your head in the sand until Jan and you do put on 1.5kg’s (as an example) it’s going to take you until the 17th January 2021 just to get back to where you are now!

Instant DE – MOTIVATION>> an even bigger mountain to climb

(see the problem)

Now here’s the secret, this is the good stuff.

” You can still enjoy Christmas in all of its’ glory and be lighter than you are now on the 4th January 2021″

Feel free to read that again.

But it’s true..

Our clients report moving into January each year with a lower-body weight than they had at the start of December and at the very least, the same body weight.

Can you see how much less stressful that is. You can remove the anxiety, stop beating yourself up and get on with enjoying your Christmas, safe in the knowledge that comes January you can kick start your weight loss and healthy eating programme on the front foot..

Next week we will be sharing our ” Secrets to losing weight this Christmas without having to give up mince pies” programme taking you through the methods we teach to our clients to guarantee a lower body weight in January, than at the start of December!

If you can’t wait until then and want to hear it from the horse’s mouth then click the button below to chat with Cam about how you can lose weight over Christmas while still enjoying the things that you love!

Chat soon

Cameron, Tony and the TRUTH team