Here we are, It’s Friday (whatever that means!)

As the weekdays and the weekends merge into one, it seems like we are spending more and more time each day glued to Zoom ????

Here at TRUTH we are seeing a 50% increase in back and neck pain complaints from our clients.

The problem?

Well it’s a few things but mainly it’s the long Zoom calls, less activity due to there being no need to

walk from meeting to meeting, or from the train to the office. Also we have moved from ergonomic office chairs to stiff backed kitchen chairs or if you are like us, your wife’s makeup stool (don’t ask!)

So as promised, after telling you a little about Mr Jones we have put together a short video on

three of our favourite back exercises that help to reduce current pain and also help you to keep it at bay.

Simply put, when you sit down all day, staring at a screen generally the muscles on the back of your body are overstretched, leading to inflammation, the muscles on the front of your body and your bum switch off, this means that key areas like the neck and middle back become pain points.

Check out the simple video below (instructions are on there too)